Firstly welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Some 25 years ago, whilst visiting Bridgwater in Somerset for the only time in the first 25 years of my life, and staying at a friends house for the week end (on a course at the time in Bulford) I literally bumped in to Tricia in the Great Escape Pub… After some persistence and a lot of luck (I don’t think to this day she had her contact lenses in that night!!) she agreed to a date.

We took her dog for a walk in Teignmouth and jumped on the Teignmouth to Shaldon Ferry. Six weeks later, we were engaged.

Now fast forward 20 years and I was sat at home watching George Clarke's Amazing Spaces and instantly recognised the ferry and The Ness Beach. I was glued to the screen when the Beach Huts came on as a feature. Wow, they looked amazing and must be one of the most romantic breaks in the UK. I was hooked!!

I contacted the production team, tracked down Bernard Howard (who was the developer, and who still owns the very lovely Hut 2 and then promptly drove from Kent to see him in Shaldon, Devon the following morning and he agreed to sell me Beach Hut No 5.

Just 3 weeks after seeing the Beach Hut on the TV, I was the proud owner of what was at the time the UK's most expensive beach hut in the UK (and featured in the Telegraph Tricia and I used it for the first time on our anniversary and were absolutely blown away at how romantic the whole vibe is. Also at how little Shaldon has changed and how friendly and laid back it is. 

As we were sitting there on the terrace sipping the bubbly, we decided that it would be pretty cool if we could make the Beach Hut in Shaldon available for other people looking for a romantic break in the UK, or looking to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary the opportunity to experience the adventure and build the memories of a truly great place.