A Beach Hut Adventure In Winter

 Tricia and I have owned Shaldon Beach Hut 5 for a few years now, and have up until recently always stayed there for the occasional weekend during the summer months. However, with a renewed vigour and enthusiasm, for all thing coastal and romantic, we recently packed up the car and made the 522 mile round trip.. wow what a difference a few months can make!

You see, I had a preconception that Shaldon would be dark and dreary place in Winter and that the Beach Huts would just not be the same without the sun on your face, and the noise of little ones playing on the beach… well, how wrong can I be!!

Firstly the roads were clear, and as I parked up to buy some of the obligatory chocolate and fizzy wine, by way of essential supplies (yep, I even got a parking space), we both felt simply euphoric at being by the sea, with our phones turned off, locked away from the world. It was a real guilty pleasure!

It is hard to articulate, but because we had to make the conscious decision to go and stay at the seaside in a Beach Hut in Winter, it felt like a proper romantic adventure.

Beach Hut 5, like the other Beach Huts in Shaldon is built using state of the art materials, and with the wet room, granite work tops, mezzanine sleeping platform, superior double glazing and underfloor heating, it is more akin to a 5 star bolt hole than a traditional Beach Hut. Having said that, the terrace was is actually maintained by the Environment Agency, as it is the Sea Wall!! (you can’t get much closer than that!)

I can honestly say that life does not get much better than, sitting snugged up under the blanket listening to the waves lapping against the wall of the terrace, whilst drinking the Prosecco, indulging in the chocolate and a bit of light hearted banter.

On or trip, we ventured just a few steps to the Clipper for our evening meal. Our intention was to head to the pub and the live music, but to be honest, the lure of the cosy Beach Hut and blanket was simply too much.

Waking up to the clear blue sky, still water and deserted beach was simply magical. A walk along the shoreline, through the tunnel and completing the circuit with a short cut via the park was a perfect prelude to a brunch, which was enjoyed at the Ness.

It is interesting that the stay felt completely different in the Winter. It had a different dynamic to it. In the summer, I feel that it is more of a lively place and we tend to spend more time in the company of others, and outside of the Beach Hut. Whereas in contrast this stay in the winter was more introspective, with more time spent within the confines of the luxurious bolt hole that is Beach Hut 5.

This year the 3 for 2 offer has been extended and so, you are able to hide away for 3 nights between November and the end of March for just £230