Shaldon Beach

Shaldon beach is literally accessed via the step from the terrace of Beach Hut 5 (The wall is actually part of the sea wall and maintained by the Environment Agency). 

As you lay in bed in the beach hut, you will hear the sea gently lapping against the wall. I really don’t sleep well usually, but when in Shaldon I have the most amazing nights rest you could ever imagine.

In the summer the Shaldon Regatta, and Water Carnival takes place and draws visitors from all over the UK to this idyllic, sleepy hollow in Devon!

At high tide, huge container ships can be seen in the distance as they navigate the narrow estuary mouth to dock at the Port of Teignmouth. The local rowers in their ocean going vessels are great to watch (particularly from the Clipper with a drink in your hand!).

Just 20 metres from Shaldon Beach Hut 5 is the famous (and great fun!) Teignmouth to Shaldon Ferry. This is the oldest passenger ferry in England, and the short 10 minute crossing takes you to the slightly busier coastal town of Teignmouth.

Shaldon estuary beach is a mix of shingle and reddish coloured sand , full of shells and shoreline treasure. 


The area of Ness beach is always hugely popular with visitors to the Shaldon Beach Huts, and features often in the visitors book. It is a magical beach to stroll along, and just feel alive and at one with nature. It certainly helps to make a trip to Shaldon, one of the most romantic breaks in the UK.

Ness Cove is nestled at the foot of the magnificent Ness Headland, a red landmark feature of the South Devon coastline. The Ness beach is accessed through an original Smugglers tunnel. This incorporates both a sloping path down to the beach along with some steps. The tunnel is atmospheric, and you can almost feel the smugglers hauling their ill gotten gains ashore!

Ness Cove is also one of the most secluded and picturesque beaches and is completely enclosed and sheltered by the cliffs above.

The area of Ness beach is no more that a gentle 5 minute stroll along the sand from The Shaldon Beach Huts. Being a “reddish” shingle, the beach gently graduates towards the sea, and provides a fantastic area for swimming.

The rock pools will keep you entranced and occupied for ages. Beware it is very addictive and will seamlessly transport you back to those carefree childhood days! Alternatively, just enjoy a bracing walk, a chilled out picnic and watch the world go by.

Please note that you will see the yellow marker buoys out to sea. Boats are not allowed to enter the area between them and the shoreline which ensures that the swimming area is free from nautical trafficThere is however access to the beach for boats, which is clearly marked as an access lane. It is also clearly displayed on the beach maps.

Nearby to the area of Ness Beach, you will find:

• A Refreshment kiosk
• Parking –the Ness Car Park
• Public Toilets
• Ode Café (see places to Eat and Drink – The ODE gets rave reviews from our guests)