Botanical Gardens

Homeyard's Botanical Gardens

When we visited Shaldon at the time of purchasing the Beach Hut, we took a stroll around the village to get a feel for the place and the general vibe. We were amazed at the sheer beauty of Homeyard’s Botanical Gardens, and especially the awesome views over the estuary, and the Jurassic coastline.

The sweeping slopes of the Gardens give spectacular views of the Devon landscape.

The gardens are full of history, which you can almost feel as you walk around. The gardens were the project of Maria ‘Laetitia’ Kempe Homeyard, which she embarked upon shortly after the death of her husband in the late 1920s.

The castle ruins, situated in the gardens is wonderful. However, the witch’s cave is an interesting feature, a small grotto made of Torquay limestone. It is said to be where ‘Old Mother Gum’ comes down from the woods at dusk to take tea. 

Visitors can access the gardens for free. There are numerous pedestrian entrances, but the pergola entrance at the eastern side of the gardens is the most accessible. Roadside parking is available.